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Above is a picture of my setup for starting seeds indoors, and although I do try to control myself and hold off planting seeds until the correct time for them to make the transition outdoors, I usually am way ahead of the game!  I am fortunate to have a specific room (solarium) where I plant and do my garden tasks during the winter months.  Some day I will have a greenhouse which will be better suited to garden all year round.  I am learning that some of the flower seeds and harder shelled seeds take much longer for germination.  For example, Lavender is a slow germinator and a slow grower and there are only a few varieties that even flower the first year.  Asparagus is another I have started from seed and will not even plant out until next year or maybe the next.  The blueberries I will put in larger containers but will not permanently find a home until next year also.  Part of my dilemma is that I want to plant the permanent plantings down South where we will eventually move and I expect the deer, rabbits and other critters will have a picnic on my new plants if we are not there to monitor what is going on.  The soil down south is heavy clay and needs quite a bit of additons – we will also be creating raised beds to plant in which is an ideal way to grow with that type of soil. This year along with my usual veggie gardens, I will be experimenting with flowers to see which are good for fresh cut and also for drying.  I have quite a few seeds started and some did much better than others – I may report individually on each type as the season moves along.  Last year I planted a lot of herbs and will once again this year.  Companion gardening is a topic I read up on over the past few months and will incorporate that idea in my gardens.  The concept there is that you plant flowers and herbs along with vegetables to enhance the growth of each and also to ward off insects and pests. 

I hope to share recipes from the garden and also craft ideas that I come up with.  Luffa was a Great plant I did grow last year and have seedlings already started for this year.  I used the luffa for sponges and even made soaps with it and gave as Christmas gifts!

  I did manage to create a Slideshow of my 2008 seeds under the link above and if you click on Original View you will receive the music version.  I am sure there is an easier way to do this with one click, but until I learn how ….

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Happy Spring!Well, It is officially Spring but who would know it – March 20th it came rolling in and still the snow has not stopped!  It’s been a long hard winter and I think everyone has had enough weather (I know I have!)  I so can’t wait to get out and plant some Gardens!  I will be reviewing all my seedlings I have growing and as I learn blogging here, I will be keeping track of their progress.  More to come ….

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