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I like to stay organized, I don’t go crazy about it, but I think it keeps me sane and happy … therefore, I organize!  With the addition of the Monotone theme here on WordPress which is used for photos only, I have decided to use this to help keep me organized.  It should help those viewing my blog find pictures more easily and next year when I look back at my gardening journey I can “see” with the photos how I did.  When reading other blogs and searching for information I find myself drawn to the photos so I can visualize the results….it connects in my brain faster.  So I will continue to blog on DebsGardens with all the general garden and life happenings and post Flower Photos at my new blog http://debsflowers.wordpress.com and Veggie Photos at http://debsveggies.wordpress.com

I would like to share what is going on with the Yarrow I transplanted from the garden last year to a bare spot.  It is growing like crazy so far!  Make sure if you grow this flower you have space for it to expand.  I didn’t dry it last year but I plan to this year.  Both yarrow and baby’s breath are great candidates for drying and using in flower arrangements.

  Yarrow in the front

I did take a few cuttings of the Yarrow and Baby’s Breath and made a Simple arrangement.  Sometimes Simple is so easy 🙂


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All of these flowers are a first for me this year except the roses and the vine flower (not sure what it actually is called)

 Baby’s Breath



 Borage flower

 Globe amaranth

 Guardian Marigold


 Vine flower


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I have had several harvests of Spinach and it will be finished producing soon – some has gone to seed.  I have to say I had much more spinach last year .. it must be the weather.  I am going to save some spinach seed for the first time and see how that goes.  Also several marigold flowers have dried up so I cut them off and will save these seeds also.  I have had success saving marigold seeds in the past.  Everything seems to be doing well even with all this pounding rain we have had – except the pole beans never germinated.


 Spinach gone to seed

Here are the marigold seeds I will save for next year or maybe even plant again this year since it is still early in the season


Finally, the peas are producing!  I have two different sections planted and this was the first one planted.  The second area will be several more weeks before we see any peas.

I am working with Companion Gardening and have planted Corn along with buckwheat which is suppose to ward off the corn earworm.


The zucchini and yellow scallop summer squash took off this past week.  I have them mulched with grass cuttings.  I have also used pine needles in some areas.

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  This is Baby Cardinal on June 7 … newly hatched and very hungry!  I am blessed to have this cardinal nest right outside my kitchen window and have been watching the progress.  Today, which is June 12th – 5 days after this picture I observed the baby out of the nest and ready to GO!  I am guessing and hoping he is out in the world doing fine since I haven’t seen him since this morning.


  Look at this Guy!  He did IT … left the nest!  Now I have been constantly watching the action all day and this baby is half again the size of the other one in the nest.  Only two babies were hatched and there is an egg still in there, but doubtful if it will hatch.  The second baby cardinal ….

 This baby followed the actions of the other but he is just not ready to fly off yet.  He is clinging to a branch above the nest and takes frequent naps…I sure hope this baby hangs in there!  The cardinal parents have been back and forth a million times, feeding and standing guard.  Here’s Dad earlier today …

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Baby Swan pictures


Welcome to the world Baby Swans !!!!!!

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I have been extremely busy planting the gardens the past several weeks .. the weather in May in Illinois can be so questionable, from freezing frost to scalding hot sun.  This year we had quite a bit of rain and the storms seemed much more severe – still stormy weather roaring around! The spinach is doing well – beets and peas are doing so so…. well, my first year with beets so not sure what to expect.  The cucumber has emerged also in this picture in the lower left corner.

  I have several types of tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans, squash and flowers!  Experimenting with the flowers to see what grows well and can be successfully dried for crafting great flower designs!  I have to comment that the insects were ALL over several of the newly planted seedlings and I wasn’t ready for that.  Something that did dawn on me as far as companion gardening is that I should have started the companion plants earlier so that they were not at the starting out stage and would be more benefit in repelling the insects that chewed up all my leaves!  I did notice also that the area that is newly tilled up for a garden space has more insect damage than the established garden area – woke up those buggers I think!  My first Zinnia has bloomed and the Yarrow is not that far behind …


Down south last weekend I did plant some asparagus that was on clearance at the farm store – 2 year old roots ….. good deal!

    The box turtle is a new neighbor down there – one of our dogs kept bringing us the turtles … I guess so we could get acquainted!


   Another friendly neighbor !!

AND the Baby Birds have emerged … first the Cardinals in the lilac bush – what a Neat event to witness … both parents are diligently feeding them


I Finally did see the Baby Swans today also … there are SIX of them and they are out swimming and feeding along with the parents.  I will capture some pictures this week when I am out walking in the area …… they grow SO fast!  It looks like the first week in June is the week for Baby Birds to hatch!!!


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