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Well I have had these baby chicks for 1 week now and OMG they grow fast!  It’s like you go to sleep and wake up the next morning and they grew up!  Ok… now you have to understand I have never had chicks before so I am not a knowledgeable farmer on figuring them out – but I will tell you something they ARE fascinating!  Like this morning ,,, I had the camera (since it’s been a week) and Rosey was doing this –Rosey dancing?  I think she was doing the dust bath but I am not sure. 

I think we  have 2 roosters (Red and Rusty) and one hen Rosey.  So next weekend when we head down south I have on my agenda to purchase another hen – only because it’s the thing to do, I think.  I know, I know   15 -25 hens to 1 rooster but heck I can’t do that many and Rosey doesn’t need 2 roosters bugging her.  So if I try to even it out it may work and actually I am still not real sure who is who yet.

Finding the roost  Here Rosey discovered the roost and sat there.  I will tell  you this about baby chicks – they are simple, and a joy to watch … very skittish though, but ya know what !  They are happy critters!!  We should all strive to be so simple and happy…(but then again that can all change by next week or even tomorrow morning whenever this pecking order thing kicks in)

But for now I have Happy Chicks and I am Happy!


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I spotted a friend in the yard this morning – well, not so sure he will be invited over for a friendly lunch once the gardens are growing …

groundhog Baby Groundhog

I brought along the camera on the morning walk and captured some sure signs of Spring –


The picture is quite a distance so somewhat unclear, but those are geese in the background and the larger birds in front I am not sure!  I have seen blue heron and different cranes in the area, but one at a time.  There was 5-6 of these larger birds and I did video them but it is still unclear.  I need to scan my bird book!

ducks-on-path Pair of ducks

Video of ducks  I am learning how to video so it is a bit shaky – well,  ALOT shaky (I need to hold my breath and not move when taking videos!)   Another video

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 The baby swans are up front and getting almost as big as the parent.  The 2 birds in the background are ducks.

Now this next guy is not as huge as the swans but he sure has some great color – a yellow canary came visiting the bird feeder!

Some great color from the garden too!  I harvested my first Marconi Peppers and made stuffed peppers to bring down south this weekend .. looking forward to trying them out!

More tigger melons .. I have to admit there is more seed than melon to these guys.  I have saved seed for growing next year and will plant if space permits, but they are not high on my priority list – I am still looking for the “sweetness” taste.  They may do well selling at a farmer’s market since they are so unique.

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I first saw and photographed the baby swans on June 8th and it’s amazing how much they have grown!

 Proud parent and six babies!

There is one white baby and the other 5 are dark grey – not sure what the difference is.

  Two baby swans

 Closeup of baby swan

 Checking each other out and this last pictures is a Great Shot of one of the adult swans, the blue heron and a couple of ducks!

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Yesterday I posted about the wild dogs I spotted over the weekend and mentioned all my own dogs Except I forgot to include Sarge, our miniature dachshund who is 12 years old and in great health.  He prefers to stay home with the teenagers when we take our trips down south.  I image he does what they do – sleeps late (or all day) and stays up all night!  I am glad he prefers that since his roaming in the country fields would not be a good idea!  So I apologize for not including him in the family dog pack .. he does have status after all …

The Luffa plants are taking off, no flowers on them yet, but I bet next trip they will have plenty.  I hope my homemade trellis for them holds up.  I had inside window frames which we never used (I felt they distracted from the view looking out the window), so I stained them and used them to help the Luffa.  I did anchor them in the ground with some thick wire poles. 

  Luffa vines

I spotted this white fungus growing – may be some type of mushroom?  I wouldn’t dare eat it, but it sure looks cool …


Of course I didn’t stop there with the camera and I have to say this orange bird was remarkable … much bigger than the robin we have up north – I would say about 3 times as big! 

I notice many of the bugs down south are bigger also … this big spider is dining on a horsefly and those horseflies were ALL over the place.  You do get used to the constant hum and Augie the dog is very good at hunting them down and making history of them!  It’s rather amazing actually.

 I bet this green grasshopper can do some damage to the crop and lastly, a fancy white moth …

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As we pulled up to our home in Southern Illinois and glanced across the pond we saw White Birds!  They were wading in the water and several were on land.  Neither of us have ever seen these beautiful birds before and I did my best to capture them on the camera.  They were very observant and once they sensed my movements they all flew up in the trees and finally they flew off as I tried to get closer to them.  They are either Great White Egrets or Snowy Egrets or something else all together!  It was a fantastic sight …

As we entered the garage we were greeted by a friendly little lizard …

Walking around the property we spotted baby birds screaming for food – they were high up in the outside corner of the barn and mother bird was feeding them like crazy!  I know I saw at least 4 of them and by the time we left to return home, it seemed they had all left the nest.  I searched the internet and I want to say the birds are Spotted Flycatchers.  The reason I think this is not only do they resemble the bird, but mother bird was actually bringing the huge horse flies to the babies to eat.  Straight up … she didn’t even eat them first!

 Baby birds

 Mother Spotted Flycatcher

 This black crawfish is only about an inch long, but sure is scary looking and the two tiny peepers next were ALL over the place!

  A hummingbird in action and the last picture is ……. The Bluebird of Happiness !

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