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I grew flowers in the garden last season with the goal in mind to dry them and use them in flower arrangements.  I scanned many catalogs and online references looking for the right flowers to grow.  I succeeded with some and didn’t with others.  The flowers that I found really easy to grow, dry and arrange were Globe Amaranth, Yarrow, Autumn Joy Sedum, Statice, Strawflowers and Zinnia.  There were a few others like baby’s breath, larkspur and blanket flowers that also worked but I didn’t end up with alot of them.  I bundled up all my dried flowers and took them down south with me this weekend to create some arrangements for the home there.  Most if not all of these flowers were air dried (hung upside down secured with a rubber band).  I am happy with the results and will grow more of these this year along with others ….



dried-globe-amaranth Dried Globe Amaranth … a bundle of flowers and then the wreath that was created


I will add some more design to the wreath but for the most part the flowers do most of the work in a design and everything came out pretty good I think…….finally!


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Happy Fall ya’ll … the summer was wonderful, hot and rainy and then cool and dry – never predictable, but always Summer!  Now Fall is upon us and what will it bring?  Beautiful colors I am sure and fun material to craft with ..


Although I wasn’t very successful with gourds this year, I will be dedicating a whole field down south to them next year.  I also have a few new gourd books on order and plan to do some fun crafting with them.  I did pick up some miniature gourds to practice on –

  I am organizing my seed saving and will be making some gifts of seeds along with a dried version of the flower for the holidays!

 Anise Hyssop

 Marigold seed

 Zinnia seed

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   Birdseed!!  This year I left the seed that had fallen from the birdfeeder alone and watched it grow into lovely plants.  Usually I pull the sprouts as they appear.   Just recently I cut the seed stalks and let them dry – I believe I have some millet and broom corn.  They are very sturdy and will work great for crafts!

Birdseed growing ….

I was working on some crafts last night and I came up with a great use for the Luffa Sponge (which I have to report is growing very well down south).

 I was worried with the lack of rain down there, but we received some rain and they took off!  I used luffa from last year as a base for dried flowers.  Instead of using glue and/or foam to secure the flowers in place, I used the Luffa and it worked perfectly!

 This is the start of the project.  You can see the completed arrangement at The Crafty Garden along with a few other finished pieces.  You will see three items which I purchased on Clearance at the local craft store.  I check for clearance bargains whenever I shop and find some great material … the straw hat I purchased for a dime each (I bought six), the little wooden birdhouse was a dollar each (I bought five) and the teak birdhouse was a bit over 2 dollars each (I bought three) – it’s a beautiful piece!  Make sure to check those Clearance aisles especially now with the change in season!


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I finally weeded out the gardens and it was a Jungle … only 1 week away and things grew like crazy!  I figure it rained a whole bunch – judging from the water on the pool cover and the growth!  I did harvest my first batch of Sugar Snap Peas and they are so sweet!


I harvested Yarrow for drying and for the first time Globe Amaranth with Baby’s Breath.  I expected the Globe Amaranth to be bigger than it actually is – I had visions of a huge flower, but not so.

I also found a HUGE moth just sitting on the spinach.  I googled it and found it to be a Carpenter Worm Moth which sounds like a very damaging insect to trees, especially fruit trees.

I also spotted some tiny white eggs on the back of a leaf of spinach … Ick!

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I like to stay organized, I don’t go crazy about it, but I think it keeps me sane and happy … therefore, I organize!  With the addition of the Monotone theme here on WordPress which is used for photos only, I have decided to use this to help keep me organized.  It should help those viewing my blog find pictures more easily and next year when I look back at my gardening journey I can “see” with the photos how I did.  When reading other blogs and searching for information I find myself drawn to the photos so I can visualize the results….it connects in my brain faster.  So I will continue to blog on DebsGardens with all the general garden and life happenings and post Flower Photos at my new blog http://debsflowers.wordpress.com and Veggie Photos at http://debsveggies.wordpress.com

I would like to share what is going on with the Yarrow I transplanted from the garden last year to a bare spot.  It is growing like crazy so far!  Make sure if you grow this flower you have space for it to expand.  I didn’t dry it last year but I plan to this year.  Both yarrow and baby’s breath are great candidates for drying and using in flower arrangements.

  Yarrow in the front

I did take a few cuttings of the Yarrow and Baby’s Breath and made a Simple arrangement.  Sometimes Simple is so easy 🙂

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and each year many of us try to give Mom something unique to show how much she means to us … this year is no different.  Gardening season is upon us and will be in full swing sooner than we know!  The local nurseries are advertising all their beautiful flowers and plants that many will be flocking to purchase  …  and give to our special Mom this weekend.  I start my plants from seed and I have a ready supply to work with for creating this “Companion Gardening ” gift as a thoughtful surprise!  I gathered seedlings that will work well together when planted out in the garden and potted them up all in one big pot.  There they can grow for another week or two or they can be added right to the garden.  If you can’t find the plants already growing, you can substitute with seed packets or even start the seeds in the pot and add plant markers for identification.


The companion plants in this plan include Tomato, 2 different Pepper plants, 2 different Basils and Marigold.  Great combo!

Another idea that was easy to put together is this “Birdseed Pot and Flower” idea.  I filled a terra cotta planting pot with birdseed, added a few dried flowers that I had previously dried (and what a great way to use them!) and topped off the idea with a packet of Songbird seeds … any type of flower seeds can be substituted.


You can enclose with the clear plastic that you gather at the top and tie with ribbon and a bow so the birdseed doesn’t create a mess.  The recipient can also plant the birdseed and see what type of plants grow …. How exciting!

Lastly, since most gardeners love to photograph their works of art in the garden, you can use some of these to create pictures as gifts.  Add words or just leave blank, print out on 8 x 10 photo paper and frame up.  Gift tags and cards can also me made this way!

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A couple of weeks ago I captured a picture in the backyard of The Gargoyle & Bunny and I thought that was really Neat – well, today The Gargoyle had yet another visitor … Mr. Hawk


 Seems like they are conversing … Spooky   LOL

I did notice the Yarrow and Echinacea purple (Coneflower) both perennials that I planted last year have resurfaced for their second year!


I had the dehydrator cranked up again today since cantaloupe was on sale and I bought 2 … dried one and also decided to take 2 roses and put them in the Excalibur dehydrator and see how they dried.  I have tried 3 methods of drying now – silica gel, air drying and now the dehydrator.  The major difference with the dehydrator is they retained their color much more – the redness didn’t seem to fade as much as with the other 2 methods.

Roses after a couple of hours of the Excalibur –

  Lastly, I googled peanut shells since I bought a 5 lb. bag of peanuts and thought the shells would make a great mulch…..Good thing I checked this out – totally the opposite – Do not use peanut shells as a mulch … following is a great article on Mulch!



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