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It is rather early to start seeds for the 2009 growing season, but I get so lonely without any gardening going on and since I have all these grow racks with lights I should use them, right?!?  So I did start some Marigold seeds – the ones I am giving away free and they took about 6 days to start sprouting up (not all but a few have started).  I do remember last year when I planted the garden outside saying to myself I need to start the marigold earlier since I use them as a companion plant to attract the bees and also to ward off those bad bugs.  So when I was transplanting the marigolds outside last year they weren’t even close to flower stage, but come this spring I bet I have plenty of bright flowers blooming!

marigold-sprouts Marigold seed sprouts

I also started Spinach under the lights – this I can harvest indoors all winter long and once again these are the seeds I saved from my spring crop .. they are great growers!!

spinach Spinach seedlings – 3 days after planting!  The onion seed I saved seems to be a winner also!  The sprouts started popping up and it’s only been a week since planting.  I am figuring the onion bulb will be a nice size come spring and I hope to have a good harvest.

onion-seed-sprouts Onion seeds sprouting

I have been planting Lavender from seed and transplanted quite a bit down south and it will take another year before flowering so a thought occurred to me this past weekend.  I should take cuttings and try to root them in water and save myself a year of grow time.  Not sure it will work, but it sure is worth a try …

lavender-rooting Lavender cuttings

And so the Gardening continues ……


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Herbs I grew in 2007 included several types of Basil (D = Dried & saved)  Bush Spicy Globe (D) – Dark Opal Purple (D) – Italian Large Leaf (D) – Red Rubin (D) – Cinnamon (D) – Mrs. Burns – Thai.  The last 2 I saved seeds and have them started for this year along with Purple Ruffles, Arakat, Lime, Serata, Osmin Purple, Fino Verde.  Other herbs I grew Borage, Chives, Cilantro, Dill (D), Lavender, Lemon Balm (D), Marjoram (D), Oregano (D), Parsley (D), Peppermint, Spearmint (D), Rosemary(D), Sage, Summer Savory & Thyme (D). 

I would have to say 2007 was the “Year of the Herb” for me.  I have grown a few here and there in the past, but nothing like I did last year & it was very educational & this year I will be incorporating many of these same herbs into Companion Gardening.  Herbs are very easy to dry and save and add a whole new dimension to cooking!


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