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I did purchase a P.O. Box for those interested in the free seeds.  Just follow the easy instructions and they will be on the way!  The reason for the P.O. Box is because you are never suppose to give out your personal info. on here and I really didn’t want to wake up to lines of folks in the front yard all waiting for seeds each morning so I opted for the post office box.  I also have to share my newest dilemma and one that is going to drive me nuts if I don’t figure out a solution.  It involves recycling.  Every time we go down South I bring back a bag or two of recycling items and toss them in our containers up here to be taken away and run through the recycling process.  I have become very, very  accustomed to my recycling way of life and I try to dispose of most garbage either in the compost bin, to the worms or the recycle container.  I got to talking to a new friend down South and she told me the landfill is almost full there and there is NO recycling.  Here I was at a bbq with new neighbors asking where to toss the recycle and they are looking at me like I am a crazy person.  Sure, I am from the other end of the state….where recycling programs have been in full force for many, many years, and I just didn’t understand the concept of “No recycling”.  So recently I spent some time searching the internet looking for the Recycle Angel that will just land in my area down South and wave a wand to create this center for recycling.  No such luck!  I read about starting programs at work or at school – which is Great, but there has to be a place for all this stuff to go and I am betting it takes millions of dollars to establish this type of operation.  I found a few nice websites where I can continue my research and please, please if anyone can steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it greatly!


Here’s an updated picture of the adult swan with the baby swan and the blue heron looking on.  This is the only fully white baby swan, the other 5 babies have finally started to lose the darker feathers and it looks like they will be white also.  I did notice this one has an orange beak and the 5 others black.  Interesting!



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Each time I toss an empty laundry soap bottle in the recycle bin I wonder and wish I could use it for something meaningful and beneficial.  I am a huge fan of recycling and when I witness others with no concern (even family and friends) who don’t recycle …… I cringe!  So looking at these laundry soap bottles I can only image how many end up in the landfills … thousands!  My dilemma was the hard plastic and the spouts they make – simple scissors won’t make it through the plastic and rinsing with water is a major task with those spouts!  So for years I have added them to my recycle bin knowing there must be a use somewhere somehow for them!

Enter…….. my new Dremel Tool which I recently purchased –

  I am clueless how this fantastic tool works but I have been tabbing through the instructions and realized it can “Cut” plastic so I attached the cutting attachment and tried it out!


I cut around the top of the bottle and as I was working on this … laundry soap came spilling out with more left in the container.  This was always something I knew – all the soap I was just throwing away thinking the bottle was empty .. but knowing it wasn’t really.

   Well, there’s the finished project BUT it doesn’t work … the water pours out around the spout also.  I took that spout and hot glued it where it is, but it needs refinement.  I have to think about this … I can try cutting out a hole lower down and inserting the spout or I can forget about that spout and just make a V cutout for the water to flow out.  That spout is so perfect for a garden watering can – I just have to figure out how to make it work.  You can never have enough watering cans …… as any gardener knows!

Goodness knows where this Dremel tool will take me next … OH, and here’s a picture of Mrs. Cardinal in her nest warming those eggs!

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