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I did purchase a P.O. Box for those interested in the free seeds.  Just follow the easy instructions and they will be on the way!  The reason for the P.O. Box is because you are never suppose to give out your personal info. on here and I really didn’t want to wake up to lines of folks in the front yard all waiting for seeds each morning so I opted for the post office box.  I also have to share my newest dilemma and one that is going to drive me nuts if I don’t figure out a solution.  It involves recycling.  Every time we go down South I bring back a bag or two of recycling items and toss them in our containers up here to be taken away and run through the recycling process.  I have become very, very  accustomed to my recycling way of life and I try to dispose of most garbage either in the compost bin, to the worms or the recycle container.  I got to talking to a new friend down South and she told me the landfill is almost full there and there is NO recycling.  Here I was at a bbq with new neighbors asking where to toss the recycle and they are looking at me like I am a crazy person.  Sure, I am from the other end of the state….where recycling programs have been in full force for many, many years, and I just didn’t understand the concept of “No recycling”.  So recently I spent some time searching the internet looking for the Recycle Angel that will just land in my area down South and wave a wand to create this center for recycling.  No such luck!  I read about starting programs at work or at school – which is Great, but there has to be a place for all this stuff to go and I am betting it takes millions of dollars to establish this type of operation.  I found a few nice websites where I can continue my research and please, please if anyone can steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it greatly!


Here’s an updated picture of the adult swan with the baby swan and the blue heron looking on.  This is the only fully white baby swan, the other 5 babies have finally started to lose the darker feathers and it looks like they will be white also.  I did notice this one has an orange beak and the 5 others black.  Interesting!



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I heard we may have had frost last night but not sure … either way, it’s right around the corner and then winter … blah!  The main reason for the “blah” besides the total chill that runs down my spine is the fact I can’t garden outside for many months.  I can organize all the seeds I have, tidy up my solarium and start some seeds under the lights (herbs for using all winter, some hard to get going flowers)  and plan, plan, plan for next year.   I can work on some good recipes too … like this one I made yesterday – Flaxseed Muffins.  They are way healthy and very tasty!

 Flax muffins

I have to say I am very happy with my Spinach this past season, planting in the spring and then saving the seed to plant in the fall (which I did) and I have quite a bit of seed left for next spring.  There is still some spinach out there which I should harvest today before that frost knocks the life out of it.

 Fall crop of spinach

I will be undertaking a new project, which is way overdue, of revamping and decorating my fireplace.  I did start a website and will now have more time to work on that, so that’s cool and the new blog will have crafty stuff on it; such as the fireplace makeover with dried flowers from the gardens! 

The Swans have all but grown up!  You can still see the difference between the adult swan and the babies, who are almost 5 months old (couple more weeks).  When the cold sets in they will be leaving the area and a new pair, or maybe the same pair, will return next spring and have another flock of babies.  It really is remarkable watching the baby swans grow!

 Adult swan in the middle of 2 young swans and then one of the younger swans spreading its wings!

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 The baby swans are up front and getting almost as big as the parent.  The 2 birds in the background are ducks.

Now this next guy is not as huge as the swans but he sure has some great color – a yellow canary came visiting the bird feeder!

Some great color from the garden too!  I harvested my first Marconi Peppers and made stuffed peppers to bring down south this weekend .. looking forward to trying them out!

More tigger melons .. I have to admit there is more seed than melon to these guys.  I have saved seed for growing next year and will plant if space permits, but they are not high on my priority list – I am still looking for the “sweetness” taste.  They may do well selling at a farmer’s market since they are so unique.

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I first saw and photographed the baby swans on June 8th and it’s amazing how much they have grown!

 Proud parent and six babies!

There is one white baby and the other 5 are dark grey – not sure what the difference is.

  Two baby swans

 Closeup of baby swan

 Checking each other out and this last pictures is a Great Shot of one of the adult swans, the blue heron and a couple of ducks!

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This is my first experience growing Sunset Flowering Kale and I thought (or should I say “hoped”) that since this was a Flower it would not encounter the insect problems that the Cabbage family does.  One of the reasons I never put the effort into growing cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc. is simply because of the insects that do major damage to the plants.  The adult white moth is abundant in our area and will deposit her eggs on the cabbage family plant and once they hatch destruction follows.  As I watched the Sunset Kale grow, I totally noticed how it looked just like cabbage leaves.  After being gone a few days, I inspected the plants today and OMG …

 Notice the droppings from the Imported Cabbageworm who had a field day with this plant.  I now have the book “The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control” so I am somewhat more informed, and the learning never stops!  A few more pictures of the destruction and the culprit…

  I sprayed the plants with Insecticidal Soap and it appeared to work – now we will see if the plants can recover and flower.

It has been a month since I first saw the baby swans out and about swimming in the pond and today I did take a few more pictures … they are growing and growing and SO adorable!

Today I did harvest a few beets … this is another first for me – growing beets!  I am the only one in the family that likes beets so the harvest is all mine!!!  I could have let them grow bigger BUT I was pretty excited that they grew and couldn’t wait – I will cook them up tomorrow!

  I also plan to cook up some Parsley Pesto tomorrow and this is from the garden …

Last but not least … a Friendly visitor on the Borage

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Baby Swan pictures


Welcome to the world Baby Swans !!!!!!

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I have been extremely busy planting the gardens the past several weeks .. the weather in May in Illinois can be so questionable, from freezing frost to scalding hot sun.  This year we had quite a bit of rain and the storms seemed much more severe – still stormy weather roaring around! The spinach is doing well – beets and peas are doing so so…. well, my first year with beets so not sure what to expect.  The cucumber has emerged also in this picture in the lower left corner.

  I have several types of tomatoes, peppers, corn, beans, squash and flowers!  Experimenting with the flowers to see what grows well and can be successfully dried for crafting great flower designs!  I have to comment that the insects were ALL over several of the newly planted seedlings and I wasn’t ready for that.  Something that did dawn on me as far as companion gardening is that I should have started the companion plants earlier so that they were not at the starting out stage and would be more benefit in repelling the insects that chewed up all my leaves!  I did notice also that the area that is newly tilled up for a garden space has more insect damage than the established garden area – woke up those buggers I think!  My first Zinnia has bloomed and the Yarrow is not that far behind …


Down south last weekend I did plant some asparagus that was on clearance at the farm store – 2 year old roots ….. good deal!

    The box turtle is a new neighbor down there – one of our dogs kept bringing us the turtles … I guess so we could get acquainted!


   Another friendly neighbor !!

AND the Baby Birds have emerged … first the Cardinals in the lilac bush – what a Neat event to witness … both parents are diligently feeding them


I Finally did see the Baby Swans today also … there are SIX of them and they are out swimming and feeding along with the parents.  I will capture some pictures this week when I am out walking in the area …… they grow SO fast!  It looks like the first week in June is the week for Baby Birds to hatch!!!


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