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Don’t get me wrong … I love zucchini and from past experience I know they love us too!  I only planted 3 hills of the Zucc this year and one is all male flowers and not producing any fruit so I only have 2 hills to deal with.  With all the rain and moisture we have had I did have to disgard some that were soggy – Make sure to check your plants every day!  It’s best to rid the garden of bad plants  and a very important point I should make is that too much moisture causes alot of problems.  Make sure there is good air flow throughout your garden.  Tomorrow I need to go out and do some major pruning on the tomato plants – we have alot of tomatoes growing and many of the lower leaves are not necessary and causing moisture buildup and SLUGS which I can’t stand.  That is one of the minor/MAJOR facts of gardening I have learned … the plants have to breath and not have moisture buildup .. grounds for disease and nasty bugs.  

Back to the zucchini …… I decided I need to stay ahead of the game so I went searching for a recipe site and found Recipezarr.com and joined.  I found a nice recipe for Zucchini Cookies and baked them up!

Zucchini cookies

Zucchini cookies

The kids said they were Good …….. WOW    That’s a major accomplishment dealing with two teens.  Now all I have to do is show them how they can bake zucchini cookies (especially in the weeks ahead)    right


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