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From the title of this post it appears I am going backwards in time, back to the basics and … I am!  I have been researching grains to grow this season in my garden and I am surprised there isn’t more information out there, but then again our world has become so modernized that most folks don’t grow their own grains or need to make their own quilts to stay warm.  In reading up on quilting there was some history touched upon and Quilting Bees used to be the big social event!  Can you imagine??  Most everyone was busy working in some form, cutting logs, baking bread… survival – and the quilting bee was a time to gather and the women would sew and chat, and then there was dining and dancing – everyone dressed to the max for these events.  I would probably dig it, but I bet I am the only one in this family who would!  So although making a quilt looks like ALOT of work I am going to attempt to make one … I think it would be so neat and since I can’t be out gardening in this negative degree wintry weather, I might as well make something to keep us Warm!  I did post several facts about Growing Amaranth Grains on the forum under Grains and it appears to be an easy grain to grow.  I will be researching other grains and hope to grow them as well.  It seems our hard working ancestors have plenty to teach us about the basics in life and with the present state of our economy, I am betting many folks will benefit from this information.  I know I will be growing alot more food for my family this year, all my seeds are already ordered and my research continues! 

thyme-sprouts-2   Thyme seedlings I started a few days ago … along with the other herb seeds which are all sprouting up also!


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I do believe my first gourd is dry and ready for crafting .. actually, I have some smaller ones which I will practice on and hopefully by then I will have decided what to do with this one.  I am so undecided!  This is a tough decision and I think I am hesitating since I never did this before and I don’t want to do it wrong.  I don’t want to make a birdhouse and I might woodburn on it or carve a design …… or paint something –


I am sure after doing several dozen gourds I will jump right in and design away!  I did join the American Gourd Society so I am sure I will find inspiration there!  Speaking of inspiration……GRIT magazine once again rocks my world.  I should have my latest blog post up this week and it focuses on my Garden Reflections for 2008.  And guess what … they told me that they are featuring my blog in the next issue (Jan/Feb) – the actual magazine!!  Of course, I am sending Christmas subscriptions to family.  If you get the issue I will autograph it for you …. nooo problem!  The magazine is a great help for us in planning to move to the country and I have to admit although I “think” I am country tough, I still have this mice phobia.  I have dealt with plenty of mice since we live somewhat in the country and especially last year we had a large area of ground revamped and the mice thought my home was their new home!  So for several months I waged the Mice War and I think I won.  This past weekend I came upon two mice in a bucket in the barn down south – one was a goner, so obviously they couldn’t climb out of the bucket.  So ingenious me takes them down to the pond so the dogs don’t find them and I tossed them out of the bucket.  The one lively little mouse swam FAST to shore and it seemed like he was after me!  He was going for my leg and all I could think of was he was going to climb up my pant leg!  Freak out!  I ran backwards trying to get away and after a few feet he found a hole and was gone.  OMG ..  can you image if he had got me!

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I did purchase a P.O. Box for those interested in the free seeds.  Just follow the easy instructions and they will be on the way!  The reason for the P.O. Box is because you are never suppose to give out your personal info. on here and I really didn’t want to wake up to lines of folks in the front yard all waiting for seeds each morning so I opted for the post office box.  I also have to share my newest dilemma and one that is going to drive me nuts if I don’t figure out a solution.  It involves recycling.  Every time we go down South I bring back a bag or two of recycling items and toss them in our containers up here to be taken away and run through the recycling process.  I have become very, very  accustomed to my recycling way of life and I try to dispose of most garbage either in the compost bin, to the worms or the recycle container.  I got to talking to a new friend down South and she told me the landfill is almost full there and there is NO recycling.  Here I was at a bbq with new neighbors asking where to toss the recycle and they are looking at me like I am a crazy person.  Sure, I am from the other end of the state….where recycling programs have been in full force for many, many years, and I just didn’t understand the concept of “No recycling”.  So recently I spent some time searching the internet looking for the Recycle Angel that will just land in my area down South and wave a wand to create this center for recycling.  No such luck!  I read about starting programs at work or at school – which is Great, but there has to be a place for all this stuff to go and I am betting it takes millions of dollars to establish this type of operation.  I found a few nice websites where I can continue my research and please, please if anyone can steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it greatly!


Here’s an updated picture of the adult swan with the baby swan and the blue heron looking on.  This is the only fully white baby swan, the other 5 babies have finally started to lose the darker feathers and it looks like they will be white also.  I did notice this one has an orange beak and the 5 others black.  Interesting!


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I am excited to post my pictures of the recent catfish I caught while down south last weekend.  I waited so I could post the link to my Blog at GRIT magazine where you will find the reason I do believe I caught these giant fish!  We installed a surface pond aerator and it was quite the project, but well worth the efforts we all put in!  Without further ado .. the Fish!

  The first one I caught which I was quite happy with … but thennnnnnn

  Grampa Cat

  We were in shock!  I have fished quite a bit in the past and alot more in the last year with our home down south.  Caught bluegill left and right and an occassional little bass, Stan caught a huge catfish last year and my sister a monster large mouth bass!  I used a bobber on my line and a live worm …… go figure

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Sometimes in life when you least expect it, Great Things Happen!  Almost 5 months ago I started my WordPress blog to document my gardening happenings as a record for myself and also as an aid to anyone looking for information about something I had experienced or knew how to do.  I love Gardening and there never is an end to how much you can discover – even from planting just one flower or one veggie seed.  It does take time and patience but if you have a passion for it, then you enjoy what you are doing and marvel in the small accomplishments and the big ones too (like the overload of cucumbers right now).  As with any passion it keeps you learning and trying to discover more.

Not to long ago, the editor of GRIT magazine, took notice of my blog and he liked it.  He asked me to join the Reader Blogs on GRIT’S website and oh my gosh …. I said Yes and it launched Today!  You have to make sure to stop over there and check it out … I am Debbie, of course, but all the other bloggers are Wonderful.  The advice and knowledge they have is really cool if you are living the country life or thinking about it.  If you have anything to share about country living GRIT is definitely the place to share it.  Now if you stop on over there, make sure to give the new Blogger Debbie a Big Howdy …            A Huge Thank You!

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Living out in the country definitely is different!  One thing you have to learn is Total Awareness.  For instance … I listen to my dogs when they bark.  Sometimes it can be annoying when they all start barking at the passing butterfly or the newest drop of rain – but when they bark … I stop and check what is going on … Especially in the country. 

Let me introduce my puppies –

  Cooper 1 1/2 years old

 Augie just over a year now

 Frankie 9 months old

The hero this weekend was Frankie …. the baby of the bunch!  He was in the kennel, I was off in the shade garden talking to the flowers and all the sudden Frankie started barking like crazy.  At first it didn’t register that he was actually “barking for a reason” but then it got obsessive.  So I looked out at the field next to us and saw just a couple of black dogs at first.  I thought “wait, Augie is out roaming and Cooper is in the house” SO what’s that?  THEN I realized there was a pack of dogs … at least 10, so I took a deep breath and screamed for Augie.  He was right there coming up the drive, so I grabbed him and got him in the house.  All the while Frankie is still barking at this band of dogs!  I can’t imagine what he was barking at them all this time, but they got the message and moved on.  Thank goodness.

We did get our very first tomato!

The Alma Paprika Peppers took off down there and these I highly recommend (I grew them last year also).  They start out yellow, turn orange and then red.  Very hot at first and then they mellow out.  Tomato Pepper Soup was my greatest discovery with these and I look forward to making more!

Of course the garden here grew like crazy … anyone care for a cucumber or two or even zucchini …. plenty to go around!

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