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I heard we may have had frost last night but not sure … either way, it’s right around the corner and then winter … blah!  The main reason for the “blah” besides the total chill that runs down my spine is the fact I can’t garden outside for many months.  I can organize all the seeds I have, tidy up my solarium and start some seeds under the lights (herbs for using all winter, some hard to get going flowers)  and plan, plan, plan for next year.   I can work on some good recipes too … like this one I made yesterday – Flaxseed Muffins.  They are way healthy and very tasty!

 Flax muffins

I have to say I am very happy with my Spinach this past season, planting in the spring and then saving the seed to plant in the fall (which I did) and I have quite a bit of seed left for next spring.  There is still some spinach out there which I should harvest today before that frost knocks the life out of it.

 Fall crop of spinach

I will be undertaking a new project, which is way overdue, of revamping and decorating my fireplace.  I did start a website and will now have more time to work on that, so that’s cool and the new blog will have crafty stuff on it; such as the fireplace makeover with dried flowers from the gardens! 

The Swans have all but grown up!  You can still see the difference between the adult swan and the babies, who are almost 5 months old (couple more weeks).  When the cold sets in they will be leaving the area and a new pair, or maybe the same pair, will return next spring and have another flock of babies.  It really is remarkable watching the baby swans grow!

 Adult swan in the middle of 2 young swans and then one of the younger swans spreading its wings!


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This is the time of year when we have plenty of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and whatever else we grew and it did well (how could I forget cucumbers!)  So besides canning and freezing the overload I decided to use the Excalibur dehydrator.  I purchased the dehydrator last year and have used it ALOT – all year long.  There have been plenty times when something is just about ready to be tossed into the compost since no one is eating it or I have purchased produce on sale and I dehydrated!  I have utmost praise for my dehydrator!


 Dried tomatoes which are just like sun-dried tomatoes you buy in the grocery store, not a bad snack!   Odd double tomato – twins!

Hey, the blue corn finally turned blue and my fall crop of peas I planted have emerged …

Work on my new website is going well – I am enjoying it!

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