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Today we were able to start up our doggie walks along the  western trail path – we now have 3 new puppies (1 year, 8 months & 4 months old) all from our local shelter AND they love to go on walks! The weather is granting us a day here and there so we take turns with each puppy because we do want to enjoy the walk ourselves lol   Yesterday we were Amazed and quite frankly I was astonished to see what beavers can do when building their dams! So today I brought along the camera and I am tellin’ ya … to gnaw down a tree takes some doin”!

Beaver trees  Beaver trees closeupbeaver-trees-9.jpgbeaver-trees-12.jpg


Earlier in the day I did manage to do some shopping …. garden shopping, of course!!  I discovered … if you are in the market for Easter lilies – buy them “after” Easter! I am planning a tribute to my grandmother who had a beautiful Easter lily garden and the memory of them is still fresh in my mind. When the lilies became available in the stores right before Easter I jumped on the opportunity to purchase one at $8.99 a pot – I thought somewhat high priced but it’s for a tribute. Now if I were buying for a gift I would not have thought twice either.  So then Easter passes by and I go to the store and the lilies are half price $4.50 and Today (a week and 1/2) after the holiday I buy one for $1.00!!!  Now that’s a lesson I learned ……….



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