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The magazine Country Living has a short article entitled “Plight of the Honeybee” and offers … What You Can Do In Your Backyard –

“Replace some of your lawn with flower beds.  Plant native plant species, which are well-suited for local bee populations.  A wealth of honeybee resources – including a free Pollinator Garden Wheel and a poster depicting North American bee species – are available at pollinator.org.  Reduce or eliminate pesticides and insecticides in the garden whenever possible.  Visit organicgardening.com for eco-friendly alternatives.  Choose plants that flower at various stages in the growing season to provide a consistent source of food for pollinators.  For a free packet of bee-friendly flower seeds, visit burtsbees.com”

Excellent advice I agree and I did check the sources for the free items and the Free Seeds are gone … clicked on the Community link and followed through to find 50,000 seed packets are gone, but it does list the seeds that were included – Calendula, Shasta Daisy, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower and Sweet William Catchfly – so at least, we know what to plant.  The Garden Wheel and poster on the other site I couldn’t locate, but I may need to spend more time searching for it.  I did see that there is a free download offered starting June 22 and the site itself seemed to offer alot of good advice.


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