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I have added a “Herbs” page to the blog and listed herbs that I know for sure I will be planting.  I received Richters 2009 herb catalog and there are a TON of herbs listed, so I am sure I will be adding to the list!  I actually planted some herbs last night indoors and they are under the grow lights.  I always start my seeds too early, but with herbs you can actually use them – they don’t get leggy like the tomatoes and peppers that beg to be planted outside (no, I haven’t started those yet).  The herbs will help me focus on eating healthier since that is one of my resolutions.  Here’s what I planted: thyme, summer savory, oregano, basil – lemon sweet dani, parsley, marjoram.  I have a sheet of plastic wrap over the containers to keep the moisture in since that seems to be one of the biggest problems growing at this time of year; the soil dries out very quickly with the dry air in the house.  I will keep the plastic on as long as possible but watch that mold doesn’t start to grow.  I will be sending my seed order off to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds today – what a spectacular catalog they have this year … it’s Beautiful!

I also added a Recipe page to my website and hope to post those healthy recipes I come up with.  Researching grains is one of my newest ambitions and I actually bought Buckwheat pancake mix today to see what it tastes like.  I did grow buckwheat as a companion crop last year and it grows very easily – so I may be growing a whole lot more to harvest for eating.  To those who are receiving the Luffa seeds I plan on posting to the forum some information on growing them (there is a blog post here also; search Luffa).  I added a calendar function to the forum also so we can add events going on around us that others may be interested in.

Looks like 2009 is shaping up just dandy!  Happy New Year!


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I have updated the page titled Veggie List by adding 2009 garden selections.  I still have several months before planting so I am sure there will be additions and the Flower List needs to be thought out also. I will leave 2008 there for now so I can compare.  I have added quite a few topics to the Garden Forum I created earlier this month and sure hope it takes off and folks enjoy using it – make sure to check it out for me & join up!  On another note I attempted my usual (when the weather is nice) walk on the forest trail this morning and only made it half way through – it was 10 degrees and that’s not counting the windchill.  What was I thinking??  …probably about all those upcoming dinners and holidays parties that are fast approaching – Hope everyone is Enjoying the Holiday Season and staying warm (do not attempt nature walks in the freeze of the winter!)

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Since we have a couple inches of snow on the ground this weekend was a good time to start browsing the seed catalogs and make lists of what I plan for next season.  This past year I did notice alot more mention of the words heirloom and heritage and I wondered what the difference was between the two words and what they were all about.  This is how I interpret them = heirloom refers to seeds and plants, growing things, whereas heritage refers to breeds of animals.  Heirloom seeds and Heritage animals.  These are from our ancestors and some are on the verge of extinction.  Many growers have opted for fast producing, mass production varieties and have forgotten about the slower growing, more flavorful and disease resistant types….both with plants and animals.  I am no expert on this subject (yet) – that’s why I do enjoy researching so much, anyways…..I decided that our place down south will grow both Heirloom plants and raise Heritage animals.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is a great site that lists heritage animals and where they rate as far as extinction status and I will be starting with chickens and quite possibly the guinea hogs.  I have my heirloom seeds all picked out (many I have grown in the past) and I really am excited about this!  I also created (just yesterday) a Garden Forum board that I hope others will join and share their experiences and this way we can all learn more.  I will be working on that and I am open for Topic suggestions, so please do suggest!  I mentioned in my craft blog that we have been shopping the local Goodwill stores for treasures and after this weekend I think I see a theme.


rooster-mug-and-gravy-boat  chicken-gravy-boat

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