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I looked back and found the first photo of the Tigger Melon on the vine – it was taken July 27th

 Today is August 24th – almost a month later and the melon was harvested.  I could have/should have waited a few more days, but I was anxious!  The melon is rather small … only 3″ across both directions and for most of the month it was a green color.  The past week it slowly turned orange and then really orange today, so I had to have a taste!  It was fresh and crisp tasting and with a few more days I am sure sweeter – there is another one almost ready so we will wait longer on that one!


The Swan Gourd finally started producing fruit – it seems it took forever to get going, so not so sure we will have a full size gourd before the freezing weather hits.

 Swan Gourd

The Rio Roma Tomato ripened nicely and is very tasty!

 Rio Roma Tomato

We had the invasion of the squash bugs so I pulled most of the plants and started some fall plantings – spinach from the seed I saved earlier this year and some more peas!

 Squash bugs

This grasshopper sure looks healthy … I wonder what he is eating on ??

I decided to start a website for Gardening and Crafts .. I purchased the domain and I am sure there will be many hours of learning involved with setting this baby up, but I am ready to give it a shot!  TheCraftyGarden.com is the name and you are welcome to bookmark it, but there is really nothing there yet.  I need to focus and do some major brainstorming … any ideas??


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I have been on the internet for over 10 years now … I chatted, I searched sites, I posted and I learned alot about the internet world.  Then one day I took hold of my brain and asked it “What am I really doing here?”  It didn’t answer me.

So I started a blog to keep track of my true passion … Gardening.  What I realized is when you Garden, you learn so much more than just planting a seed and watching it grow.  You learn patience, frustration, peace, victory, happiness and wonder.  You start to view the world around you in a a totally different way – you notice flowers, you notice your neighbor’s garden, you notice weeds along the highway.  You notice the World around you – nature, life as it is.

If you have a Garden Mind that’s a wonderful perspective on life … But I also realized alot of folks don’t Understand Gardening (at all).  For instance, I gave my Mom, my Sister and my Cousin all transplants this year.  At a recent family bbq I asked how they were doing ….. They ALL said they didn’t make it!  OK … my own faimly doesn’t know how to grow plants that I give them that are already thriving???  What’s the rest of the world doing?

This worries me.

Wait though … my blogging accomplishments (which I can’t believe).  Earlier this month I set a goal for myself saying that I wanted to hit 1200 views to my blog so I could have an average of 300 a month by the end of July.  Why does it matter??   I don’t know ……… so I know folks might find something helpful and I did good.  So anyways, I hit 1500 and won’t know the exact number since we are going down south early Thursday, but dang I did it   OR you did………..Thank YOU!  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog … really

I have to say that the comment from the Editor of GRIT magazine Hank Will really floored me, but then again it didn’t.  GRIT is a real down to earth magazine and they truly understand people and the true way of life.  Thank you Hank ………. I love your magazine!  It has helped me and will help me much more in the future I am sure.  I have alot to learn and Gosh, so does my family!

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and each year many of us try to give Mom something unique to show how much she means to us … this year is no different.  Gardening season is upon us and will be in full swing sooner than we know!  The local nurseries are advertising all their beautiful flowers and plants that many will be flocking to purchase  …  and give to our special Mom this weekend.  I start my plants from seed and I have a ready supply to work with for creating this “Companion Gardening ” gift as a thoughtful surprise!  I gathered seedlings that will work well together when planted out in the garden and potted them up all in one big pot.  There they can grow for another week or two or they can be added right to the garden.  If you can’t find the plants already growing, you can substitute with seed packets or even start the seeds in the pot and add plant markers for identification.


The companion plants in this plan include Tomato, 2 different Pepper plants, 2 different Basils and Marigold.  Great combo!

Another idea that was easy to put together is this “Birdseed Pot and Flower” idea.  I filled a terra cotta planting pot with birdseed, added a few dried flowers that I had previously dried (and what a great way to use them!) and topped off the idea with a packet of Songbird seeds … any type of flower seeds can be substituted.


You can enclose with the clear plastic that you gather at the top and tie with ribbon and a bow so the birdseed doesn’t create a mess.  The recipient can also plant the birdseed and see what type of plants grow …. How exciting!

Lastly, since most gardeners love to photograph their works of art in the garden, you can use some of these to create pictures as gifts.  Add words or just leave blank, print out on 8 x 10 photo paper and frame up.  Gift tags and cards can also me made this way!

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Happy Spring!Well, It is officially Spring but who would know it – March 20th it came rolling in and still the snow has not stopped!  It’s been a long hard winter and I think everyone has had enough weather (I know I have!)  I so can’t wait to get out and plant some Gardens!  I will be reviewing all my seedlings I have growing and as I learn blogging here, I will be keeping track of their progress.  More to come ….

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