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Following is a previous post I made regarding Companion Gardening and the reason I am reposting is because the “Picture of the Week” this week (today) is my first marigold bloom and the marigold is praised as a great companion for quite a few other plants such as basil, cucumbers, melons, peas, potatoes, pumpkins, squash.



“I think the best way for me to do this analogy is just make random statements about what works with what as far as companions.  I did read “Great Garden Companions” & it’s a totally wonderful book.  I think though …… is that there is a ton of information & what happens for me is I get information overload & then the info is useless. So — I need to take a step backwards & look at the information that I want to use and document it. Alright, where do I start?  Ok… to explain what Companion Gardening is ……. Planting specific plants next to each other or intermingled so each individual plant grows better and flourishes “just because” the companion plant is nearby.  I support the basis of this & will definitely find out if it works – I won’t have my organized rows of plant after plant but that’s ok .. sometimes, you just have to give up on being organized.


The bottom line here is – What can I plant next to my tomatoes to ward off insects … like that gross Tomato Hornworm?  Well, Basil is a suggestion & Borage .. ok, I can do that. Some of the thought behind this is that the scents and textures of different plants repel insects or even animals like deer – deer don’t like fuzzy plants … borage is fuzzy, I didn’t even care for it as an edible in salads, but if it keeps the deer away… Let’s Grow It!  Now Marigolds are quite fragrant and if you think about it … is the smell even that pleasant?  Not really… but this plant scares away all those insects or confuses them. Marigold Golden Guardian ….. I planted these a couple of days ago and I think I will be quite guarded – Here’s what they say …hope it works.   Control Nematodes with flowers not chemicals.  Golden Guardian Marigold proved to be the most effective for controlling root nematodes, killing 99% over a 3 month period. Nematodes live in the soil, feeding off the roots of tomatoes & other veggies.  Ok, let’s give it a shot!    This is just the beginning ….. next step, figuring out what other companion plants I will grow ….”

Here are the Golden Guardians as of today so I am good.


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