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morning-chick Good Morning!

This is my new screen saver – Rosey!  She is growing right along and definitely has a different personality than the other two chicks;  I wonder if chicks have unique personalities like people do … we will see.


They have become quite a bit more chirpy the past few days and at times they have stare downs with each other.  They will even chase or run at each other – time for more room maybe.  This weekend we  (we I will be helping) and taking notes and pictures for a blog post – “The Coop that Stan built” !

The seedlings are growing right along also …


You can see a list of everything I hope to grow this year and I am still trying to figure out what to plant at which location.  I did cut my first batch of parsley yesterday and added some to my salad – what a fresh zippy flavor!


And yes, the crocus are blooming !



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This is my first experience growing Sunset Flowering Kale and I thought (or should I say “hoped”) that since this was a Flower it would not encounter the insect problems that the Cabbage family does.  One of the reasons I never put the effort into growing cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc. is simply because of the insects that do major damage to the plants.  The adult white moth is abundant in our area and will deposit her eggs on the cabbage family plant and once they hatch destruction follows.  As I watched the Sunset Kale grow, I totally noticed how it looked just like cabbage leaves.  After being gone a few days, I inspected the plants today and OMG …

 Notice the droppings from the Imported Cabbageworm who had a field day with this plant.  I now have the book “The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control” so I am somewhat more informed, and the learning never stops!  A few more pictures of the destruction and the culprit…

  I sprayed the plants with Insecticidal Soap and it appeared to work – now we will see if the plants can recover and flower.

It has been a month since I first saw the baby swans out and about swimming in the pond and today I did take a few more pictures … they are growing and growing and SO adorable!

Today I did harvest a few beets … this is another first for me – growing beets!  I am the only one in the family that likes beets so the harvest is all mine!!!  I could have let them grow bigger BUT I was pretty excited that they grew and couldn’t wait – I will cook them up tomorrow!

  I also plan to cook up some Parsley Pesto tomorrow and this is from the garden …

Last but not least … a Friendly visitor on the Borage

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Herbs I grew in 2007 included several types of Basil (D = Dried & saved)  Bush Spicy Globe (D) – Dark Opal Purple (D) – Italian Large Leaf (D) – Red Rubin (D) – Cinnamon (D) – Mrs. Burns – Thai.  The last 2 I saved seeds and have them started for this year along with Purple Ruffles, Arakat, Lime, Serata, Osmin Purple, Fino Verde.  Other herbs I grew Borage, Chives, Cilantro, Dill (D), Lavender, Lemon Balm (D), Marjoram (D), Oregano (D), Parsley (D), Peppermint, Spearmint (D), Rosemary(D), Sage, Summer Savory & Thyme (D). 

I would have to say 2007 was the “Year of the Herb” for me.  I have grown a few here and there in the past, but nothing like I did last year & it was very educational & this year I will be incorporating many of these same herbs into Companion Gardening.  Herbs are very easy to dry and save and add a whole new dimension to cooking!


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