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Today is our Anniversary – 24 years of wedded bliss … (what is wedded bliss anyways?)  I just know that it sure didn’t feel like 24 years and I look at us and our family and we are Happy & Content.  That must be wedded bliss?!?!?  Well, I received a dozen roses …

 and guess what I DID…  guess –

I stopped at the hobby store day before yesterday to buy silicia gel for drying flowers.  Did I mention growing and drying flowers is my new ambition?  The silica was on Sale SO that made my day…so I got to try it out today with my Roses 🙂  I only took one – I mean I did just got them.  So I covered the rose with the silica gel completely and put it in the microwave with a cup of water and nuked it for 2 minutes.  It worked!  Air drying would do the same thing but the silica gel is quicker.   I don’t understand why they call it “gel” it’s tiny crystals …


So I will preserve these dear roses for the next 24 years :-)))


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