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Well I have had these baby chicks for 1 week now and OMG they grow fast!  It’s like you go to sleep and wake up the next morning and they grew up!  Ok… now you have to understand I have never had chicks before so I am not a knowledgeable farmer on figuring them out – but I will tell you something they ARE fascinating!  Like this morning ,,, I had the camera (since it’s been a week) and Rosey was doing this –Rosey dancing?  I think she was doing the dust bath but I am not sure. 

I think we  have 2 roosters (Red and Rusty) and one hen Rosey.  So next weekend when we head down south I have on my agenda to purchase another hen – only because it’s the thing to do, I think.  I know, I know   15 -25 hens to 1 rooster but heck I can’t do that many and Rosey doesn’t need 2 roosters bugging her.  So if I try to even it out it may work and actually I am still not real sure who is who yet.

Finding the roost  Here Rosey discovered the roost and sat there.  I will tell  you this about baby chicks – they are simple, and a joy to watch … very skittish though, but ya know what !  They are happy critters!!  We should all strive to be so simple and happy…(but then again that can all change by next week or even tomorrow morning whenever this pecking order thing kicks in)

But for now I have Happy Chicks and I am Happy!


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Our trip down south was short but we sure did accomplish quite a bit and the main excitement for me was getting a few baby chicks.  The farm store has a “Chick Sale” and I was surprised at the variety of chicks they had.  We had agreed that I should only purchase 3 since they will be traveling back and forth with us (yes, I am crazy) but I may spend the summer months entirely down south (still to be determined).  They seem to have adjusted with all the moving around they had to deal with …




Rhode Island Red Baby chickens   A video I created – aren’t they cute!

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