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All of these flowers are a first for me this year except the roses and the vine flower (not sure what it actually is called)

 Baby’s Breath



 Borage flower

 Globe amaranth

 Guardian Marigold


 Vine flower



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I have started seeds beginning in January and as the days have drawn closer to actually planting the flowers and veggies outside, I have quite a few trays of seedlings anxiously awaiting the big day ..  the day they are put in the ground in their own garden with plenty of space to spread their roots.  So….the question is who will I plant next to who and for what purpose?  I will answer this question here and also I have added 2 pages – Veggie List

Flower List


Four o’clocks  – this flower is considered a trap crop for Japanese beetles.  This means that the beetle will flock to the four o’clock flower instead of its regular target, in my case, I hope to keep them off my rose bushes and hibiscus plants.  Both of these had Japanese beetles dining on them last year.  Each day as the four o’clocks become full I intend to have a bucket of soapy water on hand and flick the beetles in the bucket .. this I am thinking will immobilize them … permanently.


Nasturtiums  – this is a picture of how I plant most of my seeds in trays and since the nasturtium seeds are quite big, you can see them clearly.  I scatter the seed in the tray and then cover with the soil, water, place under grow lights and wait for action.  This flower I will plant all over since it is said to attract loads of beneficial insects which are the good bugs that eat the bad bugs who do the damage to your plants.  They also are said to repel aphids, potato beetle, Mexican bean beetles, cucumber beetle and squash bugs.  I will be planting more nasturtiums near my cucumber, zucchini and beans.  Another note states to plant with vine crops to protect ground beetles and spiders (beneficial insects).


Buckwheat –


is used as a cover crop because it adds good nutrients to your soil.  If there is an empty garden place make sure to grow some buckwheat there.  I have an area which one day will be planted with flowers.  I tossed some buckwheat seeds in this area and will let them do their magic.  I will also plant buckwheat in borders around the gardens since it attracts parasitic wasps, hoverflies and honeybees … the good bugs. 

Also between the corn rows to attract wasps that parasitize the corn earworm!


Basil –                   I will plant around my tomato plants along with Borage which will repel the tomato hornworm.  Basil also repels aphids, asparagus beetles, mites and mosquitoes.  Borage will attract bees and other beneficial insects.  My pepper plants will be nearby along with marigolds that will be planted throughout the gardens.


I found this very interesting regarding the dandelion – they have taproots which reach down below the topsoil to absorb important nutrients from the subsoil, which become part of the dandelion plant.  Make sure to add the dandelion (before it flowers) to your compost or back into the topsoil for those important nutrients.


“Great Garden Companions” written by Sally Jean Cunningham is the source of my research and a book I highly recommend.


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How appropriate and I am glad we finally have some gardening weather!  I will plant out “just a few flowers” since I really don’t trust the weather and its fluctuations as of late.  To go in the ground will be Flowering Sunset Kale, Foxglove, Globe Amaranth – we will see how these do and then add more if the weather continues as it is.  I did make a “Major Bargain” buy this past weekend!!!  Even went back today and bought 2 more …

  $20 clearance at Menards … AND the best part is that I – myself – put this together!  It’s sturdy and does the job … actually, I should have had this a month or so earlier.  It got very, very HOT in there so I had to open it.


It has rope and stakes to anchor it down but I won’t need that here, down south I will with the gusty winds.  So cool purchase!  Then I decided to buy some Roses and start a Rose Garden.  After reading how to plant and care for them, they really don’t seem that difficult to grow.  I did notice alot of Japanese beetles on this one plant we have here last year, and in reading my Companion Gardening I discovered that the flower Four o’clocks is a good trap for the beetles so, of course, I have some growing and all ready to transplant.  Here are the roses and since I know how to dry them they will be a great addition to my dried flower works …

  These are bareroot roses – you can purchase them in containers also, but the planting is the same.  Soak in water 24 hrs. before planting.  Two of these are climbing roses so I will need some type of trellis AND I have an idea in mind!  But the craft project for this past weekend was Garden Stones!  I have always been interested in stepping stones and would check them out at the craft store but was never really happy with the whole design.  So after looking around the yard I stumbled across the border flagstone we have in several areas of the yard.  We have decided to take out some sections and bring them down south with us SO of course it dawned on me to take a few and paint my designs…

  I found 2 different paint brands which are Outdoor and weather tolerant – DecoArt and Folkart.  I decided on the latter since there were many more colors and I wanted to stick with the same brand.  So I penciled in my design and painted away!

  Working on flagstone is somewhat tough since the surface is not smooth but that gives the design and results a dimension that is more outdoorsy and after it weathers a bit it should look Super!  You can paint plant markers, specific garden names, people names ….whatever suits the space.

Have a Great Earth Day ……….



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I decided to dry the rest of the roses since I will be out of town & their condition will all but fade I am sure.  I was drying two at a time & after a couple rounds in the microwave I noticed the container was melting – egads!  The silica gel does get quite hot & I am guessing it needs to cool down completely before using again.  I did dry some rose leaves also to see the result and they get very very brittle.  What I decided was to dry the remaining roses and leaves by air drying to compare.

The tray of roses in the background are still fresh and will be left to air dry.  I need to construct something so they can hang to dry – so that way there isn’t a flat side.  I did make this herb rack last year but I think I need something different for this type of flower.

Herb rack/sign

I also went crazy with my Excalibur food dehydrator the past 2 days – strawberries & pineapple were both on sale so I overloaded on them & let the dehydrator do its magic – both of these fruits are favorites and they make Excellent snack food!

Fruit for dehydrator

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Today is our Anniversary – 24 years of wedded bliss … (what is wedded bliss anyways?)  I just know that it sure didn’t feel like 24 years and I look at us and our family and we are Happy & Content.  That must be wedded bliss?!?!?  Well, I received a dozen roses …

 and guess what I DID…  guess –

I stopped at the hobby store day before yesterday to buy silicia gel for drying flowers.  Did I mention growing and drying flowers is my new ambition?  The silica was on Sale SO that made my day…so I got to try it out today with my Roses 🙂  I only took one – I mean I did just got them.  So I covered the rose with the silica gel completely and put it in the microwave with a cup of water and nuked it for 2 minutes.  It worked!  Air drying would do the same thing but the silica gel is quicker.   I don’t understand why they call it “gel” it’s tiny crystals …


So I will preserve these dear roses for the next 24 years :-)))

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