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morning-chick Good Morning!

This is my new screen saver – Rosey!  She is growing right along and definitely has a different personality than the other two chicks;  I wonder if chicks have unique personalities like people do … we will see.


They have become quite a bit more chirpy the past few days and at times they have stare downs with each other.  They will even chase or run at each other – time for more room maybe.  This weekend we  (we I will be helping) and taking notes and pictures for a blog post – “The Coop that Stan built” !

The seedlings are growing right along also …


You can see a list of everything I hope to grow this year and I am still trying to figure out what to plant at which location.  I did cut my first batch of parsley yesterday and added some to my salad – what a fresh zippy flavor!


And yes, the crocus are blooming !



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spring-arriving-2009 Our trip down South this past weekend was Great … signs of spring were starting to surface!  We attended The Midwestern Herb & Garden Show in Mt. Vernon and listened to Roger Swain “the man with the red suspenders” speak on community gardening.  There were vendors throughout the mall and my greatest purchase was Hollyhock seeds for $1.00 – I have a ton of them!  I also gathered Hibiscus seed off two of our own plants and now have plenty of them also.  I have received all my seeds that I ordered and updated the lists across the top of the blog here for the coming season (all except the flowers) … I have added grains as well.  I have the layout for the herb garden planned and next to it the strawberry plants will find a home (I ordered 75 Junebearers so this should be a fun challenge in June!  I received my issue of GRIT magazine while I was away and discovered my photo of “Bee on Borage” featured on page 7.  I will be setting up my account over there to include the CU.Grit.com feature where I can post some more great photos.  If there are any good bloggers and/or photographers out there … check out GRIT.com – they are wonderful folks to work with!  Actually, everyone should check it out … it’s a spectacular website and magazine!  I posted on my blog about the window overlooking the lake – the window valance with woodburned designs is a project I am currently working on …well, here’s a shot of the view with Frankie the dog checking out the sunrise!

frankie-watching-the-sun-rise It’s dark, I know, but I did that on purpose to show the outside colors.  The valance will be 10 ft. across so it’s a Project and I hope it comes out really neat!

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We headed down south this past weekend and I was full of hope that I would be planting some transplants thinking we gain a month earlier down there. Well, this was not the case … the wind was Wicked and it even snow flurried Sunday morning so although I did plant some, I decided to hold off on most until next visit.  Spring flowers were blooming like crazy …Down south 4-11-08 these 3 were growing wild all over (and to think I spent all that money on bulbs last fall)

Wild flowers

The morning sky down there did convince me the weather might be nasty –

I did set up one of the Aqua shields (3 to a pack) to experiment with and I was happy so far.  The wind was unbelievably strong so I set the shield up filled with water (it is free standing) and the wind didn’t seem to bother it, so I put a tomato cage around it just for added support and then I put a tomato plant inside.

Aqua shield 

The water filled tubes are suppose to give additional warmth to the plant and should enable a month more before and after the regular season for growing.  I thought this would be ideal for the place down south since we won’t be there all the time, but then I decided to bring the other 2 Aqua shields back home here since this is the place we really need them.  So some time this week I will be planting some tomatoes here ….Well ahead of schedule!


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Happy Spring!Well, It is officially Spring but who would know it – March 20th it came rolling in and still the snow has not stopped!  It’s been a long hard winter and I think everyone has had enough weather (I know I have!)  I so can’t wait to get out and plant some Gardens!  I will be reviewing all my seedlings I have growing and as I learn blogging here, I will be keeping track of their progress.  More to come ….

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