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My first luffa was fully dried and ready for peeling, so off came the outer skin to reveal the luffa sponge inside!


Here are the seeds that were inside this one – quite a bit!

luffa-seed-from-one-luffa Luffa seed

I worked on my first gourds and I designed a little swan … how perfect ūüôā¬† I still need to make some feet or something so he can stand on his own.¬† The other larger gourd (bottle gourd) I decided to make into a vase so I cut the top off and transferred a pansy design onto it, then I woodburned it. ¬†I will add more design and color¬†and when it’s complete I will add it to my craft blog.¬†¬† It looks pretty cool so far …

little-swan-gourd  woodburn-pansy


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I looked back and found the first photo of the Tigger Melon on the vine – it was taken July 27th

¬†Today is August 24th – almost a month later and the melon was harvested.¬† I could have/should have waited a few more days, but I was anxious!¬† The melon is rather small … only 3″ across both directions and for most of the month it was a green color.¬† The past week it slowly turned orange and then really orange today, so I had to have a taste!¬† It was fresh and crisp tasting and with a few more days I am sure sweeter – there is another one almost ready so we will wait longer on that one!


The Swan Gourd finally started producing fruit – it seems it took forever to get going, so not so sure we will have a full size gourd before the freezing weather hits.

 Swan Gourd

The Rio Roma Tomato ripened nicely and is very tasty!

 Rio Roma Tomato

We had the invasion of the squash bugs so I pulled most of the plants and started some fall plantings – spinach from the seed I saved earlier this year and some more peas!

 Squash bugs

This grasshopper sure looks healthy … I wonder what he is eating on ??

I decided to start a website for Gardening and Crafts .. I purchased the domain and I am sure there will be many hours of learning involved with setting this baby up, but I am ready to give it a shot!¬† TheCraftyGarden.com is the name and you are welcome to bookmark it, but there is really nothing there yet.¬† I need to focus and do some major brainstorming … any ideas??

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