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I finally weeded out the gardens and it was a Jungle … only 1 week away and things grew like crazy!  I figure it rained a whole bunch – judging from the water on the pool cover and the growth!  I did harvest my first batch of Sugar Snap Peas and they are so sweet!


I harvested Yarrow for drying and for the first time Globe Amaranth with Baby’s Breath.  I expected the Globe Amaranth to be bigger than it actually is – I had visions of a huge flower, but not so.

I also found a HUGE moth just sitting on the spinach.  I googled it and found it to be a Carpenter Worm Moth which sounds like a very damaging insect to trees, especially fruit trees.

I also spotted some tiny white eggs on the back of a leaf of spinach … Ick!


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I like to stay organized, I don’t go crazy about it, but I think it keeps me sane and happy … therefore, I organize!  With the addition of the Monotone theme here on WordPress which is used for photos only, I have decided to use this to help keep me organized.  It should help those viewing my blog find pictures more easily and next year when I look back at my gardening journey I can “see” with the photos how I did.  When reading other blogs and searching for information I find myself drawn to the photos so I can visualize the results….it connects in my brain faster.  So I will continue to blog on DebsGardens with all the general garden and life happenings and post Flower Photos at my new blog http://debsflowers.wordpress.com and Veggie Photos at http://debsveggies.wordpress.com

I would like to share what is going on with the Yarrow I transplanted from the garden last year to a bare spot.  It is growing like crazy so far!  Make sure if you grow this flower you have space for it to expand.  I didn’t dry it last year but I plan to this year.  Both yarrow and baby’s breath are great candidates for drying and using in flower arrangements.

  Yarrow in the front

I did take a few cuttings of the Yarrow and Baby’s Breath and made a Simple arrangement.  Sometimes Simple is so easy 🙂

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