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Don’t get me wrong … I love zucchini and from past experience I know they love us too!  I only planted 3 hills of the Zucc this year and one is all male flowers and not producing any fruit so I only have 2 hills to deal with.  With all the rain and moisture we have had I did have to disgard some that were soggy – Make sure to check your plants every day!  It’s best to rid the garden of bad plants  and a very important point I should make is that too much moisture causes alot of problems.  Make sure there is good air flow throughout your garden.  Tomorrow I need to go out and do some major pruning on the tomato plants – we have alot of tomatoes growing and many of the lower leaves are not necessary and causing moisture buildup and SLUGS which I can’t stand.  That is one of the minor/MAJOR facts of gardening I have learned … the plants have to breath and not have moisture buildup .. grounds for disease and nasty bugs.  

Back to the zucchini …… I decided I need to stay ahead of the game so I went searching for a recipe site and found Recipezarr.com and joined.  I found a nice recipe for Zucchini Cookies and baked them up!

Zucchini cookies

Zucchini cookies

The kids said they were Good …….. WOW    That’s a major accomplishment dealing with two teens.  Now all I have to do is show them how they can bake zucchini cookies (especially in the weeks ahead)    right


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I have had several harvests of Spinach and it will be finished producing soon – some has gone to seed.  I have to say I had much more spinach last year .. it must be the weather.  I am going to save some spinach seed for the first time and see how that goes.  Also several marigold flowers have dried up so I cut them off and will save these seeds also.  I have had success saving marigold seeds in the past.  Everything seems to be doing well even with all this pounding rain we have had – except the pole beans never germinated.


 Spinach gone to seed

Here are the marigold seeds I will save for next year or maybe even plant again this year since it is still early in the season


Finally, the peas are producing!  I have two different sections planted and this was the first one planted.  The second area will be several more weeks before we see any peas.

I am working with Companion Gardening and have planted Corn along with buckwheat which is suppose to ward off the corn earworm.


The zucchini and yellow scallop summer squash took off this past week.  I have them mulched with grass cuttings.  I have also used pine needles in some areas.

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